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A List of top 20 potential PhD thesis titles in management

Management topics are some of the easiest to handle. The main reason for this lies in the fact that when you are discussing anything to do with management, there are so many varied topics that you can work with. In fact, as long as you need help with management discussion topics, you will find yourself spending far less time on research than any other subject.

In fact, when you go through this list, you will realize just how easy it can be for you to work on the task.

  • Discuss the concept of evidence based management
  • Discuss how performance management has evolved over the years
  • Compare and contrast business management and construction project management
  • Discuss some strategies that are successful for retail market management
  • Critically examine Taylor’s principles of management, using a company of your choice as a case study
  • Highlight procedures for successful implementation of total quality management
  • Discuss how discipline is important for the success of management
  • Explain the correlation between the Hawthorne effect and behavioral management
  • Discuss 5 of the key theories of management
  • Explain the important link between leadership and management
  • Discuss the importance of IT risk management
  • Highlight the importance of management as a philosophy to the success of an organization
  • Explain why continuous improvement in management is important
  • Discuss how the role of management accountants has been changing over the years
  • Discuss the importance of performance contracts to the management cycle
  • Explain how a performance management system would come in handy for any organization
  • Explain the key theories of management that apply to most of the fortune 500 companies
  • Trace a historic timeline of the key scientific management theories
  • Discuss how conflict management is key to the successful operations of companies
  • Highlight the need for academic knowledge management in libraries

When you go through these topics, you will easily realize the fact that they can be quite simple. At times you only need to think about something that you see on a daily basis, and after that, you can easily come up with a good discussion title out of the same. Remember to write some quality information too.

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