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Ways of Citing a Dissertation in Chicago Style

If you are a college student, there is no way you do not know about dissertations. There are so many myths that go around about this paper. To some people, it is an ordinary paper, but others do not want anything to do with it. You cannot escape writing a dissertation when you are in college, and the best thing to do is learn so that you get your degree on time. Dissertation citations are the principal problems students have because they think it is just a waste of time and energy.

In this article, you are going to learn the proper ways of citing your dissertation, not in any other way but Chicago style. You will know all the steps to take to have excellent work. It is not complex at all. Most students have a negative attitude towards dissertations. That is why it seems hard. It is better to have a positive mindset so that you learn faster and do the right thing. The moment you have all the rules at your fingertips, writing a dissertation will never be a challenge to you.

Since students have different capabilities, not all students can write a perfect paper, and it makes sense. If you are finding it hard to write your script, worry not because your skills will get better after knowing the correct steps.

Reasons Why You Have to Cite Your Dissertation

Students have to write a dissertation so that they get a chance to graduate. Exploring your field will help you find great dissertation&thesis writing tips. You have to defend your research with strong points so that you get a chance to complete school and graduate. You can reference by reading different books and journals for you to get enough information. Never think that having citations will make your work less original. If you are dealing with legit sources, you will use citations to help you support the thoughts of the author. If you want your paper to be potent, you have to include citations to prove the arguments you write. The reader will also be impressed because it will be easier to detect the points.

Reasons Why Students Have to Cite Their Papers

  • Your reader will know that the research is legit and not false
  • You will have to give credit to different people that own the words
  • You will not have copied work
  • Citations will help people get the information faster without going through any troubles

By now, you know how vital citing your dissertation is, and the next thing you have to know is writing your paper in Chicago style.

Meaning of Chicago Style and When to Apply It

There are two types of citing in Chicago style. Author-date is the first one and is applied mostly in the sciences. In this style, you only have to write the last name of the author, together with the year of publication. The bibliography is the second one that requires you to cite using footnotes. There is not much difference between the two. Before using any style, you have to confirm with your instructor so that you do not make any mistakes.

Ways of Citing Dissertation in Chicago

Avoid confusing it with the APA style because they are somehow similar. It gets mostly used in humanities. Always remember that, and you will avoid minor mistakes.

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