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How to excel in international marketing dissertation writing

Dissertation writing in international marketing is a task that many students undertake each and every year. It is a long task that requires a lot of thorough planning and research to successfully conduct. In this article, we will discuss how to excel in this type of writing, and the sources you can utilize to succeed in your paper.


There are many examples of international marketing that you can look at, before you commence your own doctoral writing. There are many multinational global brands that market in different distinct markets, and you should analyze their techniques before starting your own paper.

Doing this will assimilate you with the knowledge and expertise you need to compose your own dissertation to a very high standard.

You should also read corporate reports, specifically the sections pertaining to marketing, to see the goals of these large multinationals going forward in terms of marketing. This can give you good topic ideas to base your own paper on.

Another good way to advance your knowledge is to read the news. The news will regularly report on the marketing techniques utilized by large corporations across the world, and sometimes there are large scandals over unethical marketing techniques.

Being up to date with the latest developments in international marketing will provide you with a lot of material to discuss in your writing, as well as advancing your knowledge.


A major challenge that many students in international marketing face is the problem of choosing a topic to write about. Choosing an adequate topic can be a tough task that many students also face in other subjects.

As suggested above, one of the ways in which you can do this is by looking at corporate reports, and seeing what techniques will be utilized by corporations in the future, that you can write about.

Alternatively, you can read many editorial pieces on the news that go into depth about international marketing, and the techniques utilized by large corporations to advertise their products. These analyses can provide you with many interesting leads to research and to choose a good topic from.

The most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing a topic is that you should choose an area that you are genuinely curious and interested about. If not, then you will not be motivated enough to complete your paper to a top-notch standard.

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